Size Guide

We’ll help you find the size that fits your needs.

SecurCare Self Storage rents storage spaces both large and small, from regular closet-sized units to ones that can hold the contents of a standard two-car garage. We’re big enough to deliver the best product but small enough to care about your individual needs: the perfect size for a storage partner. And we’ll always make space for you.

Use this helpful storage unit size guide to determine what storage unit fits your needs.

5’x10′ (Walk-in closet-sized)
This space is best for personal items, clothes, boxes, skis, toys, small furniture items, business records, sales rep materials.

10’x10′ (Half a one car garage-sized)
This unit can hold the contents of a one or two bedroom apartment with major appliances. Also good for office furniture and office supplies.

10’x15′ (Living room-sized)
A two bedroom apartment or house including appliances can be stored in this unit. It will also hold additional boxes, miscellaneous items, business files and excess inventory.

10’x20′ (One car garage-sized)
This size unit is deal for storage racks. When full, it will hold the contents of a three or four bedroom house with major appliances, plus lots of boxes. It can also be used for business storage, files and overstock inventory.

10’x30′ (Two car garage-sized)   
This unit is perfect for small vehicle/recreational storage. It can also accommodate large amounts of inventory or records storage, or both.

We accommodate your storage needs by finding the right size storage unit. Larger sizes are available by request.

Come check out our storage facilities today, and let us help you get started. Contact us for questions.