Self Storage FAQs

General Self Storage FAQs & Self Storage FAQs for Our Current Tenants

Current Tenants

Online access:
How do I sign up for online access?
Click on the ‘Current Customers’ link. You will then be prompted to enter your email address and password.

Account ID:
What if I don’t know my Account ID?
Please contact the Store Manager or refer to a payment receipt for your account ID.

Registering without email:
What if I did not provide an email address on my account? Can I still register?
Yes, simply put your email address in the proper field when registering as a current tenant and your account will be updated with this information.

Online difficulties:
I am having trouble setting up an online account to view my units. What should I do?
Contact the Property Manager and verify your account information is correct. The information you enter must match our records exactly. Don’t forget to select your state and store location prior to verifying your account.

I do not know or forgot my password. What do I do?
Click on the ‘Current Customers’ link, and a new window will open – look for the “Find Your Password” text and click on the “Receive Your Password Via Email” link. Enter your email address then click on the “Recover Password” button. Your password will be emailed to you.

Multiple unit management:
I have multiple units; will all of these units show up in my online account?
Yes, if you have requested your units to be “linked” to one another under your account you will see all of your units. However, if you have units at multiple facilities, you will need to log in separately under each location.

Paying for more than one month at a time:
I want to pay multiple months on my unit, can I do this through my account?
Yes. You can pay up to four months at one time online.

Moving out online:
I will be vacating my unit soon, can I move-out online?
Move-outs are not available on-line. Please notify the manager per the terms of your Rental Agreement regarding the vacating of your storage unit.

Late payments:
If I am late in making my payment this month, can I still pay online?
Yes, you can pay anytime online. Any additional fees related to your account will be shown as due.

Late fees:
What is SecurCare Self Storage late payment policy?
SecurCare Self Storage, Inc. requires online accounts be paid in full and cannot accept partial payments. Please refer to your rental agreement to obtain specifics about the late fees. You may also contact the store manager for assistance.

Hours of access:
What are my access hours?
Most facilities offer gate access from 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM. Please check with your local storage facility for more details.

Vacating units:
Do I have to give a 30-day notice to vacate my unit?
We request that you give our manager a 5-day notice before moving your belongings out of your unit.

General Self Storage FAQ

Lost and forgotten passwords:
I have lost/forgotten my password. How do I recover it?
Click on the Pay Online link, a new window will open – click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link. Enter your email address then click on the “Retrieve Password” button. Your password will be emailed to you.

Change of address:
My address information has changed. Can I update this information on the website?
Unfortunately, you cannot. SecurCare asks that all change of address requests are submitted one of the following ways:

Via phone:

In writing:
SecurCare Self Storage
2345 Academy Place
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

What type of payments do you accept for online payments?
All locations accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Select locations accept American Express, please check for specifics on the website location pages. You can also make payments online.

Do you keep a key to my lock at the office?
No, you are the only person who has the key to your lock. We do not keep keys on file unless you choose and authorize us to do so.

Am I tied to a long term contract?
No. Our leases go from month to month.

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