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College is undoubtedly a huge part of a student’s life. It’s also undoubtedly a huge part of a student’s stress. Between classes, studying, and maybe a little bit of fun, it’s hard to juggle everything. But, it’s not just the students who carry the stress – college can also create a big burden for parents, especially when it comes to getting your student there. That’s where SecurCare steps in to take on some of that strain.

Whether you’re heading into a teeny-tiny dorm, upgrading to a shared apartment, or just going home for the summer, SecurCare has tons of options to help ease the load students already carry.

Moving into a Dorm?

Most of us know that dorms are tiny. On top of that, they’re expected to fit more than one person – which means some major downsizing. But, if you still packed too much, don’t get rid of all your stuff just yet. We offer smaller, affordable storage units to fit the things you couldn’t quite cram into your dorm room.

In some unlucky situations, a lot of families show up to school to find there are too many students and not enough dorms. And, if you don’t live close to home, what are you expected to do with all your stuff? SecurCare offers month-to-month rentals, so you can store everything until your dorm is ready to go. Many of our storage facilities are also close to major schools and universities, so you don’t have to worry about your things being scattered across town.

Moving into an Apartment or House?

Moving out of the dorms and off-campus is great for any student looking to become more independent. But, there are also a lot of factors involved that can make this move pretty tricky. Most schools have strict dates for when students have to be out of the dorms. But, the lease on your new apartment or house may not start for a few weeks or even a few months. Instead of scrambling to find several places to put your things, you can fit it all into one spot. Not only do we have storage units of all shapes and sizes, but we can help move all your things with our moving trucks and supplies.

Moving Home for the Summer?

After several months of hard work, you’ve finally reached summer break. For some, that means kicking back and relaxing at home. If you’re planning to live in the same place when you return to school – whether it’s a dorm, apartment or house – a storage unit is an affordable and convenient solution for the months in between.

In many cases, dorms aren’t even open to students during the summer. If you plan to return to the dorms after your well-deserved break, you can move everything into a storage unit for those few months. And, even though it will be hot outside, it won’t affect your things inside. We offer climate-controlled storage units at many storage facilities to protect your valuables from the heat.

If you’re in an apartment or house, a storage unit is much cheaper than paying rent for an empty nest. We have flexible, affordable plans to fit your schedule and budget. And while you’re gone, we don’t want you to stress about your stuff. Most of our storage facilities have 24/7 surveillance to keep all your items safe.

Downsizing for School: Helpful Hints and Tricks

We all know moving isn’t just about getting your things from one place to another. It takes a lot of time and energy to pack it all. And, if you’re going off to college, chances are you’re downsizing.

Here’s a look at a few ways to cut down on your stuff – and your stress.

Sell, Sell, Sell. College costs a lot of money, so why not make some to help pay for it? Get together with some neighbors, and have a yard sale, or get rid of your things using sites like Craigslist.

Donate. Those clothes or shoes you haven’t worn in the past year – donate them. Any furniture that’s been collecting dust – donate it. All those things you couldn’t sell – donate them.

Get Creative. There are a lot of cool space-saving inventions out there that even we haven’t thought of. Here’s a look at some clever products you can snag on eBay to make the most out of any tiny room.

  • Floating Dish Drainer: This handy little space saver hangs on the wall above your countertop and dries your dishes without cluttering up your limited space.
  • Arm Rest Table: Don’t have room for a coffee table? That’s okay; with the armrest table, you can throw it over your favorite chair or couch for the perfect place to set your cup.
  • Over-the-Faucet Shelf: For sinks with no countertop space, no worries. This shelf goes right over your faucet to store soap, toothbrushes or anything you need access with ease.
  • 3-in-1 Table: For a little extra room in the kitchen, think “tall”. Counter-height tables can act as a place to eat, prep and store all at once.
  • Over-the-Door Organizers: Get your stuff off the floor and onto the doors with organizers that expand your storage space, without taking up too much room. Just hook it on, fill it up, and you’re good to go.

Find Your Space

The benefits of self storage can make any transition a lot easier – no matter what the situation is. With several storage locations scattered across the U.S., we can help you find a storage unit that not only fits your needs but is conveniently located near your school or university.

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