Moving Supplies

Keeping your belongings safe begins with how they’re packed.

We want your belongings to be as secure in your boxes as they are in our units! In order to help you pack and store your items safely, we offer heavy-duty cardboard boxes, locks, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and other moving supplies for purchase at our facilities. SecurCare makes moving, packing and storing your valuable possessions as safe and convenient as possible.

We offer the following items:

  • Locks: We offer a variety of options from weather-resistant solid brass padlocks to Maximum Security Padlocks, so you can choose the level of protection your belongings deserve and demand.
  • Boxes: With a wide variety of box sizes, packing, moving and storage are a breeze.
  • Tape and Tape Dispensers: We have a wide range of tapes available, including ultra-thick packaging tape, crystal clear packaging tape and pistol-grip
tape dispensers. We will help secure any shape, size or type of items for any lengths of time.
  • Mattress Bags: Keep mattresses clean and dry!
  • Sofa & Chair Covers and Dust Covers: Protect your furniture from the elements of moving with ease.
  • Bubble Wrap and Foam Wrap: We offer protective wraps such as SurfaceDefense™ anti-static protective foam wrap, AirTight™ bubble wrap and heavy duty bubble wrap.
  • Packing Paper and Wrap: Kraft packing paper, stretch wrap and basic wrapping paper are all available to protect your belongings.
  • DishGuard™ and GlassGuard Kitsand, Kangoroo™ Ribbed Foam Pouches and Dish & Glass Protection Kit: We offer a variety of dish protecting to keep your most fragile items safe and secure.

Come check out our storage facilities today, and let us help you get started.

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