Commercial/Work Space Rental

Most of us have big ambitions in life. Whether it’s traveling, starting a family, or having a thriving career, there’s a lot that goes into accomplishing your biggest goals. That includes starting and running a business. You need the right ideas, the right people and the right space. But you may not be able to have all of those things right away. That’s where self storage can help.

Office Space Rental

An office space rental can offer a lot of perks for any type of business owner or worker. Not only do we provide amenities like Wi-Fi, access to electricity, and climate-controlled offices, but we offer something a lot of places can’t – space that’s affordable. Here’s a look at some other advantages of choosing a SecurCare office space over anyplace else:

Lower cost: It costs a lot to start and maintain a business. Not only is office space rental convenient, but it costs much less than standard real estate. We offer month-to-month rentals that are affordable and work around your schedule, so you can utilize the space for however long you want. Your lease with us may also qualify as a business expense, which means you could potentially use it as a tax write-off.

Growing business: It takes a lot to successfully grow a business. It also takes a lot of time. Maybe you have too many people to work out of a home or basement, but not quite enough people or money to rent or buy an entire office.  Renting an office space in the meantime can help you through those growing periods, or until you’re ready for a bigger space of your own.

Online business: Running an e-commerce business often comes with maintaining a lot of merchandise. Not to mention the equipment to run it all. If you don’t plan on having customers physically visit your store, an office space rental is a great workspace to manage your business without paying real estate prices. It also gives you much more room to freely work so your growing business doesn’t take over valuable space in your home or garage.

At-home or remote workers: Working from home has its perks, but it’s easy to get distracted or to lose motivation. Or, if you’re running your business out of your home, you may be tempted to constantly work. Having a storage unit can help you stay productive while keeping your home and work life separate.

Retail Space Rental

Maybe you want to get your business going but don’t have the right place to do it. Maybe your business is growing and you know you’ll need a bigger space soon. Or maybe you just want to give your store a “test drive” to see how well costumers respond to it. No matter the situation, renting a retail space is the perfect solution for your business. Here are some other features we offer with our retail spaces:

  • Month-to-month leases
  • Parking spaces
  • Wi-Fi
  • Climate-controlled
  • Various space options

Contact a facility near you to learn more about specific rental options.

Start Your Next Business Venture with SecurCare

We’re proud to offer several different options for our customers that go beyond storage. With locations throughout the U.S., we have the space to help guide you through your next business venture. Whether you’re starting a business, growing a business, or just needing your own personal workspace, SecurCare has room for you.

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