Climate Controlled Storage

It’s true that the only constant in this world is change. People, places, technology – they can change overnight and it’s impossible to control it. This is especially true when it comes to the weather and climate. While SecurCare can’t control what’s going on outside your self storage unit, we can control what’s going on inside to make sure your valuables stay protected.  Whether it’s the dry heat in California, the harsh winters in Colorado, or the brutal humidity in Florida – we’ve got you covered.

Why Do I Need Climate Control in my Storage Unit?

Just like the weather takes a toll on us, the weather takes a toll on your things. When it gets hot, we need to be cooled off. When it gets cold, we need to be warmed up. The same thing applies to your valuables. Our climate controlled units remain a consistent temperature year-round, ensuring your sensitive items don’t get ruined.

What’s the Difference between Climate Controlled and Traditional Units?

With climate controlled storage units, we can specifically tailor the temperature level inside – no matter what the weather is like. With traditional self storage units, the temperature inside will be close to the temperature outside. Indoor units inside a building won’t be as impacted by climate changes as rows of outdoor units, but it will still feel the effect of rising and falling temperatures.

Typically, climate controlled storage units cost more than standard self storage. But, if your valuables are damaged in a non-controlled unit, replacing those items could end up costing you a lot more in the long run. Be sure to look over our affordable, month-to-month rental plans to find a price and unit that work best for you.

What Should I Store in a Climate Controlled Unit?

Not everything you may want to store needs to go into a climate controlled unit. Since these units are higher in price, knowing which valuables in your home or office need climate control will aid you in picking a unit that’s the perfect size – and not an inch more! Check out the list below of common climate-sensitive storage items.

  • Wooden Furniture: High levels of humidity can cause wood to warp and crack, inflicting major damage to your valuables.
  • Leather Furniture: Temperature changes can also take a big toll on your leather pieces, causing discoloration and a buildup of mildew.
  • Appliances: Extreme heat or cold could cause mechanical parts to crack or rust, causing some major damage.
  • Electronics: Most electronics – like computers, stereos, and plasma TVs – aren’t built to handle big temperature fluctuations. Humidity is also dangerous to your electronics and can cause as much damage as a direct water spill.
  • Clothes: Once again, humidity plays a big role when it comes to storing your clothes, and can cause a buildup of mildew and even mold.

Take Control of Your Needs

We may not have control of the temperature outside, but we can control how it affects your things. Once you decide a climate controlled storage unit is best for you, be sure to take advantage of our Storage Guide to help determine how much space you need. We also offer moving trucks and supplies to help along the way – rain, snow, or shine!

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