Auto, RV and Boat Storage

Sometimes self storage goes beyond furniture and boxes. Often times, those extra items are really big and really valuable. Your vehicles, RVs and boats need a safe and secure location to be stored when they aren’t being used. Although the most logical place to keep your vehicles and other toys is at home in the garage, we know that’s not always possible. If your garage has reached capacity, there is another solution. At SecurCare Self Storage, your most prized possessions will feel right at home, even if they’re not at yours.

Auto Storage

Our self storage units are ideal for any type of vehicle. If you are into classic cars, we have covered, climate controlled units to keep them in pristine condition. If you have an extra or unused car, keep it inside a storage unit or an outdoor parking lot instead of letting it take up valuable space in your driveway. If you have a motorcycle, we have room for those, too. Instead of trying to squeeze it inside the garage or letting the weather take a toll on it outside, we offer plenty of space to keep it safe. Not sure how long you plan to store your vehicle? Choose month-to-month rental plans that will fit your budget and time schedule.

RV Storage

While recreational vehicles are a great investment for those who love to travel, there is a major factor to consider: where will you put it when it’s not in use?  The fact is, most RVs are huge. Whether it is towable, motorized, or a specialty RV, it’s going to take up a lot of room. We have a number of options available when it comes to storing your “adventure-mobile” – including indoor storage, covered storage, parking spaces, and land lots. If you are unsure about what type of space will work best for your RV, use our storage guide located on each page to calculate how much room you’ll need.

Boat Storage

In addition to hitting the open road, many of us love hitting the open waters. Boating, skiing, fishing – there is so much possibility and fun to be had on the water. Not only does your boat need extra room, but it also needs extra care – especially during the wintertime. That’s why we offer outdoor and indoor boat storage. Not only does SecurCare offer affordable leasing options, but we have several security features to keep your boat out of the water and out of harm’s way. We also know that as the weather warms you’ll be anxious to get your boat back on the water, which is why we offer several units you can drive up to at your own convenience – letting you hit the waves whenever the time is right.

Other Storage

The fun doesn’t stop at cars, RVs, and boats. There are also a lot of other toys out there that may need a safe place. That’s why we offer storage for things like bikes, jet skis, ATVs, snowmobiles, golf carts and any other type of adventure vehicle you may have. You can also rest easy with security features like gated access.

Make Room for Your Next Adventure

The world is full of endless exploration. And while there’s always room to have a little more fun, there may not always be room to store everything that comes along with it. With facilities across the country, SecurCare has plenty of room for your next adventure and is always ready and willing to help with the journey.

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