Strategies for Storing Cigars

March 28, 2019

How to Store Cigars

Curious about how to store cigars? Smoked mainly for special occasions and celebrations, cigars aren’t an everyday affair, making storage crucial. These sporadic smoking delights can be as tricky to store as they are enjoyable. Too dry and the wrapper will split, too humid and it won’t light. Temperature and humidity are key to keeping your cigars fresh and functional. Learn how to store cigars properly:

How to Keep Cigars Fresh: The Secret Weapon

The humidor is the best device to store cigars. Its purpose is to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level. Humidors require humidification to work, typically using gel packets or foam blocks to get the job done. As for temperature, many humidors come with built-in heating systems to maintain the perfect temperature. If yours doesn’t have one, you’ll need to keep it somewhere in your house that maintains a temperature close to 70oF.

Humidors come in different materials, but Spanish Cedar is most common, as it’s a natural cigar beetle repellent.

Optimal Temperature

Cigars must stay within a specific temperature window to avoid damage to the wrapper and tobacco inside. Temperature maintenance is a balancing act, especially between seasons. 

Cigars should stay under 75oF, the optimal temperature frame is between 68oF and 70oF. This helps keep the cigars fresh and allows them to age gracefully.

Optimal Humidity

Just like temperature, cigars must maintain a certain degree of humidity, also known as relative humidity (rH) level.

Optimal humidity ranges between 65% and 74%, with 70% being the best.

Keep in mind that weather, heaters and air conditioners can all impact rH level.

Learning how to keep cigars fresh is easy—it’s the equipment and monitoring that require dedication and patience. Good luck storing, smoking and showing off your stogies!

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