How to Create a Storage Unit Gym

August 15, 2018

Ditch the monthly membership and create your very own storage unit gym! It may not be your first thought, but a self storage unit can be the ultimate fitness facility.

Nearly 67% of Americans aren’t getting enough physical activity. What gives? Find out what’s preventing people (including you!) from exercising, and how a storage unit gym can help.

Benefits of a Storage Unit Gym

Save money on memberships.
Ranging from $20-$250 per month, gym memberships can be expensive. Turning a storage unit into a gym is kind of like buying a house. You own the equipment and the investment is specifically benefiting you (plus no mortgage!).

Boost your confidence.
The gym can be a place of panic—especially when your spin instructor and an Instagram-worthy body builder are mere treadmills away. And “gymtimidation”—feeling self-conscious about how you look while exercising—is a common barrier that prevents people from hitting the health club. A storage unit gym can cut out those crowds of people, while giving you personal space to focus on yourself and your workout.

A storage unit gym

Workout faster.
When the line for the elliptical resembles Macy’s on Black Friday, anger is released instead of your endorphins. A staggering 53% of men skip the gym simply because it’s too busy. But when your gym is in your storage unit, there’s no waiting for machines and free weights.

Customize your sweat sessions.
Prefer BOSU balls to barbells? Personalize your storage unit gym with your favorite gear to boost you to #BeastMode.

Declutter your home.
Even if you have gym equipment in your house, it’s probably collecting dust or taking up valuable living space. You also may worry about the heavier items putting your kids in harm’s way. Move the bench and bike to a storage unit to keep your home safe and seemingly spacious.

Examples of what you can fit in your storage unit gym:

5×10 unit, 50 sq. ft.
Treadmill, elliptical or bike
Free weights
Yoga mat

10×10 unit, 100 sq. ft.
Treadmill, elliptical or bike
Free weights and bench
Yoga mat
Stability ball

10×20 unit, 200 sq. ft.
2 cardio machines
Free weights and bench
Yoga mat
Stability ball

Ready to open your own storage unit gym? Reserve a unit and start working out the way you want!

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