New Year, New You: Storing workout equipment in a storage unit

February 20, 2018

If your goal this year is to be healthier, you’re not alone. More than 20 percent of people responding to a Statistic Brain survey said they want to eat healthier and lose weight in the new year, while more than 5 percent said they aimed to work out more, according to 24/7 Wall St.

To be successful, you’ll need to make an effort to include physical fitness in your normal routine. For many, a home gym is a much more attractive option than getting a membership to a community gym. At home, it’ll be less crowded, more convenient and you’ll never have to wait for your favorite piece of equipment to be free.

However, your actual home may not be the best location, either, as lack of space and a bounty of other items restrict the possibility of setting up your dream workout space. A storage unit, on the other hand, provides ample room and endless possibilities.

Here’s what you’ll need to create your ideal home gym in your storage unit:


When you start working out, you’re going to sweat. And that sweat is going to drip onto the floor. As such, choosing the right flooring is an important part of creating your own gym. Sheet vinyl is one low-maintenance option that’ll make cleaning up perspiration easy.

Depending on the activities you’ll be doing, you’ll have further flooring requirements. If you plan on lifting free weights, for example, Bob Vila pointed out that you should invest in heavy duty mats that’ll protect the floor. If you intend to do yoga, extensive stretching or other floor activities, these may be better done on a mat or padded area. An oversized yoga mat placed in the center of the floor may be enough.

A woman lifts free weights in a gym.The workouts you plan on doing in your gym determine the types of flooring and equipment you’ll need.

Wall elements

Your gym should motivate and encourage you to keep making progress toward your goals. What you put up on the walls can make a big difference in this. Decorate your workout space with motivational posters or images. If you’ll be following along with an instructional workout video, make room for a television.

Mirrors are another important wall element every home gym should have, LifeHacker pointed out. These allow you to double-check your form to be sure you’re working out in the most beneficial way. A simple full-length mirror will do, but if you have the wall space and the budget to spare, you could outfit your home gym with a collection of mirrors akin to a dance studio.


The equipment you choose largely depends on what you’re trying accomplish through your workouts. However, space constraints also play a factor in what you can bring into your home gym. SecurCare Self Storage units come in a variety of sizes, so you can rest assured there is a space to fit your needs!

Here are some equipment ideas:

For cardio:

  • A punching bag with a stand for a small space.
  • A treadmill for a large space; these typically need about 30 square feet, Bob Vila pointed out.

For strength:

  • Free weights for a small space; these only need about 20 to 25 square feet, which can be found even in SecurCare Self Storage’s smallest units.
  • A power rack and weight bench for larger spaces. You’ll need between 35 and 50 square feet for the power rack, AZ Central explained, while benches may be as much as 19 inches wide and 55 inches long, though you’ll need additional space to move around in, store the weights and perform various exercises.

For flexibility:

  • A yoga mat, stretch bands and a foam roller.

The equipment needed to improve your flexibility is inherently smaller than many other pieces of equipment found in the gym. As such, there’s really no need to worry about the space needed for these exercises.

When you have your very own gym, you could find that meeting your New Year’s resolutions is more practical than you imagined. So, what are you waiting for? Contact SecurCare Self Storage to find the right unit for you!

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