How to Store Celery in Your Fridge

July 11, 2019

If your recipe calls for a few stalks of celery, don’t worry about wasting it. It’s easy to extend its shelf life and enjoy later. Here’s how to store celery in your fridge.

How to Store Celery in Your Fridge: The Right Way

Whole Celery

Wrap your bunch of celery in aluminum foil and store it in your vegetable drawer. Here’s why this method works: Aluminum foil allows the ethylene—the compound celery produces as it ripens—to escape. This slows spoilage and moisture loss.

Another thing you can do to keep whole celery fresh is to keep the root intact. The root locks in the most moisture.

Cut Celery

Store cut celery in a sealed container filled with water. This will slow down the loss of moisture and keep the pieces crisp. Store it in the fridge (next to your properly stored white wine) and enjoy for up to 2 weeks.

Store your celery the right way to keep it crunchy for weeks. Enjoy in soups, with wings or covered in peanut butter.

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