How to Pack Necklaces Without Tangling

August 23, 2018

Transporting jewelry that resembles a bowl of spaghetti may leave you curious on how to pack necklaces without tangling. A muddled mess of necklaces can take hours to fix—and who has time for that? Clothing can tear, ornaments can shatter, and your patience will be tested.

Among the many moving tips and checklists that exist, there seems to be a shortage of jewelry-specific strategies.

There are a variety of household items you can use to pack your necklaces without tangling them.

If you’re wondering how to pack necklaces for moving, vacation or otherwise, we have your pearls and pendants covered. Don’t let poor planning spoil your pristine pieces! These hacks will help your necklaces stay straight and tangle-free. Here’s how to pack necklaces without tangling:

Use straws

Unclasp the necklace, then thread either end inside until it comes out the opposite end. Finally, re-clasp and you’re done!

…or toilet paper rolls

You can only use one straw per necklace, but you can fit several necklaces on one toilet paper roll. Simply follow the same steps that you did for the straw. Toilet paper rolls are also ideal for thick necklaces that won’t fit inside of a drinking straw.

Place in sandwich bags

Here’s another example of a dining device performing double duty. Put each necklace into its own sandwich bag. To prevent kinking, ensure the necklace is clasped and wrapped in a paper towel or tissue paper. Place each small bag into a large resealable bag to keep everything together.

Pack with plastic hangers

Plastic hangers are perfect for storing statement necklaces (à la BaubleBar). Wrap the necklace around the lower rings of the hanger. Finally, to pack the necklaces without tangling, place each hanger in a thin luggage compartment.

Protect in plastic wrap

Lay out a sheet that’s big enough to cover a medium-sized bowl, or just small enough so the 2 ends extend beyond either side. Then roll the plastic wrap and connect the two ends. The clingy grip of the plastic wrap will keep each necklace in place.

Try trays

Use these tips to keep necklaces separated and tangle-free

Any tray with compartments will work, including those made to hold office supplies or kitchen utensils. These trays work the same way for necklaces—keeping them separated, but together. Once all of the sections are filled, wrap the whole tray in plastic wrap.

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