Best Dog Backpack Carrier

June 13, 2019

Miniature mutts and petite pups shouldn’t miss out on big adventures. Whether your dog wants to be by your side during a hike or you want her paws off hot pavement, a carrier can come in handy. Here’s our recommendation for the best dog backpack carrier:

Best Dog Backpack Carrier | Casual Use + Adventuring

The K9 Sport Sack® AIR PLUS is our favorite—both for strolls in the park and hardcore hikes. It features air vents to keep your pooch cool, water bottle slots for you and your dog’s hydration and a removable pouch for increased storage.

Additional accessories—like the jacket insert—make it warm for your 4-legged friend during the chillier months. There’s also a cooling vest for comfort during the summer.

Though you can’t carry your 90-lb lab, the backpack comes in 3 sizes and holds up to 40 pounds (in the largest size).

We also recommend the K9 Sport Sack as the best dog backpack carrier for casual use—perfect for trips to the farmers market or street shopping downtown. The same features that make this a safe option for sports activities also make it a comfortable choice for everyday use.

Your little guy might not be able to make it up a mountain alone, but with a dog backpack carrier, there’s no limit to their adventures.

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