Antique Sewing Machine Value

September 19, 2019

Whether you inherited it from family, found it at an estate sale or are an avid collector, your antique sewing machine could be worth more than you think. Here are some starter tips to help determine your antique sewing machine value.

Age of the Antique Sewing Machine

The age of the sewing machine is the first indicator of value. The first working sewing machine was invented in the 1840s. Because of their historical importance, sewing machines from the mid to late 1800s are rare and almost always valuable.

Vintage sewing machines from the 1940s and 50s are also a hit since they’re often found in bright, retro colors. Sewing machines from the 1900s are not considered antique—although they make for fun interior décor.

Condition of the Antique Sewing Machine

The condition of your antique sewing machine is important to collectors. Rusting, chipping and obvious broken parts will decrease the machine’s value.

After you’ve considered the age and condition of your antique sewing machine use eBay to research further. Online antique dealers can be another valuable resource. If you’ve looked online and haven’t found similar sewing machines, take your machine to an antique appraiser.

Knowing what determines your antique sewing machine value will help you avoid offers and appraisals that are too low or too good to be true.

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