5 smart tips to prepare you for military deployment

October 14, 2017

With more than 450,000 military personnel deployed to more than 150 countries, there are hundreds of servicemembers gearing up to leave home every month.

Preparing for deployment can be a tumultuous task, with what feels like a thousand errands to run and just as many loose ends to tie up before shipping out. However, with some planning and foresight, you can make this stressful and hectic process much easier and more streamlined.

Keep these five tips in mind as you prepare for your military deployment:

1. Set up a deployment binder

As you gear up for deployment, there will be a lot of moving pieces involved with people throwing monkey wrenches into the works constantly. This means you can’t simply fly by the seat of your pants as you embark on your deployment.

You need a plan.

Create a binder that will hold all of the important information that you’ll need for the coming months and years. This should include legal documents (such as your estate plan), vehicle titles and maintenance instructions, insurance policies and a list of vital phone numbers, addresses, emails and websites you’ll need. Having all of this stuff kept in one, organized place will alleviate a lot of the stress that accompanies a deployment.

2. Update policies and plans

As you go through collecting important documents for your binder, make sure everything is up to date. Any life insurance policies should be the first thing to assess. Are you current with the premiums, and are the beneficiaries who you want them to be?

You should also strongly consider an estate plan with a will and powers of attorney, especially if you have a spouse and children. If you already have one, double-check to see if it accurately reflects your current situation. Ask yourself if anything major has happened since it was last reviewed – has anyone passed away or have you welcomed any new family members you want to include?

Make sure all of your policies, including life insurance, are updated before deployment.Make sure all of your policies, including life insurance, are updated before deployment.

3. Start prepping early

Waiting until the last minute to start preparing for your deployment increases the chances that you forget or miss something. With so much on your plate, you’ll need to get an early start. It can be helpful to make a calendar and mark key dates with deadlines and goals. This will keep you on track to ensure you get everything you need is accomplished, with enough time to finish everything so you’re not rushing around the morning before you leave. Don’t forget to also include space on your schedule to spend quality time with friends and family before shipping out!

“Include space to spend quality time with friends and family.”

4. Make a budget

It can be easy to go overboard buying new gear for deployment. Further, the change of environment and pay grade can create additional incentives to splurge. Create a budget to keep your financial situation sound during this time period. You can use the military compensation page for more detailed information on pay grades.

They might seem like a pain to track, but making a budget and sticking to it are really simple. You’ll need to know three things: Your monthly sources of income; your monthly expenses; and how to keep the difference between these two numbers positive. Create a list of all the money coming in and subtract all the funds going out. If the latter is larger than the former, you’ll need to find a way to reduce the expenses to keep your bank account in the black. 

5. Get a self storage unit

Although you’ll be getting military and deployment pay while you’re away, you shouldn’t spend that on paying rent for an entire apartment while you’re not there. Instead, a self storage unit is the perfect solution for keeping all of your belongings safe and sound in one convenient location while you’re on military deployment.

With storage facilities available near military bases across the country, SecurCare Self Storage is here to help military servicemembers and their families during this turbulent time. 

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