3 handy tips for packing up your summer sports equipment

August 31, 2017

After a long hot summer of adventures and trips, it’s time for many families to start packing up all their fun sports equipment and preparing for the coming of autumn.

While certain items, like your bicycle or golf clubs, can still be of some use for another few months, summer water sports equipment typically needs to go away earlier than everything else.

With this in mind, here are three helpful tips for packing up your summer water sports equipment:

1. Start early

In the mix of all this preparation, many parents are getting their kids ready for the new school year, or they’re focused on the sudden uptick of activity at work. This means they often either delay or totally neglect to prep their summer sports equipment, leaving it outside and exposed to elements or inconveniently taking up space in the garage, basement or backyard.

Without the right initiative to get started on this early, you run the risk of leaving your equipment outside too long, exposed to the elements and potential early frost. Plus, the sooner you get these things packed up and out of the way, the quicker you can get back to enjoying the remaining days of the summer, without having to worry about this.

2. Evaluate all the equipment

“Take a few minutes to inspect everything before you pack it all away.”

Whether you’re storing pool floats or garden tools, take a few minutes to inspect everything before you pack it all away. Items that may have been left out could have started to rust or collect mildew. If left untouched, these could lead to even more rusting or the formation of mold on your belongings.

It’s imperative that you take the necessary time to clean these items and ensure there’s no water or dirt on anything. Leaving everything as is before putting it away for the winter means there’s a good chance you can come back to items damaged by rust or mildew. While this is true of any item you want to store away for a long period of time, this goes double for sporting equipment and water toys.

Be sure to remove the batteries from anything that uses them, as the batteries can corrode if left in the device too long. This includes things like some water guns, motorized sprinklers and other mechanized backyard water toys. For instance, Heavy.com noted that one the most popular water toys of the summer has been the Star Wars Lightsaber Dive Sticks for the pool, which use button cell batteries. 

3. Consider a sports equipment storage solution

Putting all of your summer sports equipment back where you found it might seem like an easy task at first, but it can quickly become overwhelming. Much of the frustration arises from people often expanding their collection during the summer months, buying new items and equipment to add to the mix.

Instead of trying to shove all of these items into a small nook in the garage or onto a dusty shelf in the basement, consider a self storage solution.

A self storage unit ensures your summer water sports equipment remains dry and in good condition for the upcoming year.

Contact SecurCare Self Storage today to get started on packing up your summer sports equipment!

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